IMAGINE being able to plan your trip, right from your Chrome™ Browser


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Attention frequent travelers that are also heavy users of Google Extensions:

Activate the Smart Trip Pin Extension and book hotels nearby any location from:


  1. Chrome Browser search
  2. Google Calendar entry for a meeting
  3. Google Contact manager
  4. Discover™ search


  • Time saving for frequent travelers due to deep integration with Google products (calendar, search, contacts)
  • Give back with every trip that you take
  • Once you book 10 trips, begin earning with each trip and also choose your own charity for the donations
  • Hotels, apartments, condos, private homes and villas available globally with immediate booking confirmation
  • 110% best rate guarantee on lodging with 24x7 support in 40 languages



The Smart Trip Pin for Google Chrome is now available in beta test mode.   Our target audience for the beta test includes frequent travelers that book a minimum of 4-6 hotels per month and that are regular Google Extension users.

Use the extension on any web page on Chrome Browser, or highlight the name of a company, a place, a venue or an address and when you click on the pin, it will automatically find hotels nearby.

Once you reach 10 bookings, we will begin to revenue share with you AND to donate to your charity of choice with each trip booked.  We give you 24x7 access to your dashboard to view your activity.


Yes, I’d like to beta test the
Smart Trip Pin Google Extension.

Once you submit your information, our Beta Test team will be in touch with you to help you activate the tool.  It only takes a few minutes.  Once you have made 10 bookings using the tool, you will be eligible for a royalty and a donation to your favorite charity.

Your information is always private and will never be made available to any third parties.  In any communication from us, you may unsubscribe.




It will only take minutes to visit the Chrome Extension Store to activate the Google Smart Trip Browser extension for Chrome.  
You will link your Extension account to the widget code that we give you for tracking.



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Anytime you need a hotel, you can do a hotel booking from any page on your Chrome browser.   Just type (or highlight) a company, venue or place name, or even an address and your travel date and you will find available hotels nearby.

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For any event, highlight the name of the venue or address and entering the dates, with one click you can find a hotel nearby the event.  
If you are on, we have deep integration with their search results page where you may select any event and we will autofill the address and the travel dates.

Beta Test Responsibilities

The beta tester needs to use the product at least 2-3 times per month for hotel bookings.  As you use the product, provide feedback to the Client Success team through your Beta Test coordinator.

  • Any bugs encountered in the use of the product
  • Any ideas for improvement
  • Any sites that you regularly use that you would like for us to do "deep integration" to pull the venue/place or address information automatically